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7 rainy travel tips

by David Vercammen |

Since our products are weatherproof, we were wondering where we could show them off. We reached out to our social network to get to know some spectacular locations, some known and others unknown. They had to be rainy and worth visiting. These 7 convinced us!

Cherrapunji (India)

We could not miss this one, since the small town is famous for being the rainiest place in the world. In July 2016 it recorded 447.8 mm (Wow!) of rain within 24 hours. It is the only place in India which has the monsoon season during the entire year.

But the waterfalls and hills are worth the heavy rain. Nature wise you are in heaven. Make sure to check the Double Decker Bridge out, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site. The walk is tiring, but has a wonderful scenery. Next stop should be the Seven Sister Falls, which is one of the biggest tourist attractions. The village will keep you surprised as you are near to a beautiful valley, lots of falls and caves.

 DEW backpack in the rain


Seattle (United States)

The rain capital of the United States. The city witnesses a lot of rain, without it being a lot of water falling out of the sky. Get yourself a rain coat (and backpack), leave your umbrella and get going.

From the top of the Space Needle you are able to check the Cascade Mountains and the Mount Rainier out. The Museum of Pop Culture, a smashed guitar from above, is a mix of music, science and pop culture together. Downtown Seattle has enough places to visit and street performers to check to spend a complete day.

The Seattle Art Museum has a “free for public” zone which is the Olympic Sculpture park, and is cool to have a walk. And while you are at it, enjoy the crazy views on the top of one of the 22 Washington State Ferries.

 View on Seattle Bridge

Cologne (Germany)

Chances to have rain? Big, average 200 days a year. But, from March through November, rain and sunshine come hand in hand. The cable car, which offers you a great view of the cityscape and the river, will be up and running. The largest Gothic church in Northern Europa, also a UNESCO site, will not escape your eyes, and the weather makes it even more dramatic.

Interested in art? The Ludwig Museum offers you Picasso, Warhol and Kirchner.

If you are randomly wandering around, good atmosphere can be found around Altermarkt and Heumarkt. We suggest you take the night watchman tour. During winter they have the charming Christmas Markets.

Please, promise us you won’t forget the Hohenzollern Bridge before entering the historical center of the city. If you go in couple, that’s the place where you will leave your “love lock”.

Since we are Belgians we also suggest visiting the Belgian Quarter, where streets are named to our cities. The shops in this quarter offer high-quality, not mainstream, designer and fashion labels (clothes, accessories and backpacks). Fashion is brought to Cologne by young and innovative designers.

Night view on Cologne Bridge


Taipei (Taiwan)

Actually Taipei should only be in this list between July and September, when rainstorm and typhoons affect the city. The rest of the year this city is sunny and some parts can be compared with the Greek island Santorini.

It is famous for it’s ice cream, Taro Balls (Ah Ma Orh Yi), filtered coffee, egg pudding and handmade fish ball vermicelli.

Obviously, eating is not the only thing you can do. Get yourself to the Gold Ecological Park to visit Gold mines. Nearby, you will be amazed by the Golden Waterfall, known for its copper and gold mines.

Follow the water until the sea where the contrast between the yellow water at the bay and the blue water from the sea will amaze you. If you do not want to stay at the seaside, climbing the Mountain KeeLung might be an option.

The Long Shan Temple is a must-visit when you are in Taipei City. You’ll get a glimpse of the local traditional life. A short walk from the Shi Fen Train station, signs will lead you to the Niagara Falls of Taiwan. But there’s definitely more to do.

 View on Tapei sunrise

Kirkwall (Scotland)

When we mention Scotland, you probably think Loch Ness, distilleries… and rain. This city experiences most rain during November, December and January. 

Kirkwall’s center is constructed from local red sandstone, therefore the Saint Magnus Cathedral is among Scotland’s most interesting Cathedrals.

If you are interested in views you should go dining in Foveran, which is an eating area overlooking the sea. If you’ve had it with the nature and the city, try a spirit at Kirkjuvagr Orkney. For barley visit Highland Park Distillery.

 Scottisch distillery

Bergen (Norway)

Bergen Citizens wear boots and raincoats when they go out, go shopping or head to work. This city is called the rainiest city on Earth with 240 days of rain per year!

Obviously Bergen is famous for its fjords, which have been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. But if you are on land have a stop at Bryggen, also an UNESCO Heritage site.

Do not forget to taste the fish at the fish market in Bergen. For views you can have a hike on one of the seven mountains.

 View on Bergen

Tully (Australia)

Yup, known to be the wettest town in Australia, with an average annual rainfall of 4,27 meters.

The Golden Gumboot is the towns statue which highlights its reputation as being the wettest town on the continent.

Nature is what you will get in Tully. Mount Tyson provides you with amazing views over the town. Alligators Nest is a rainforest park, without alligators, where Australian wildlife can be seen.

If you are adventurous, it is worth white water rafting at the Tully Gorge!