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Back on Track after Lockdown

by David Vercammen |

The final stage of the lockdown has started. Many of us will be going back to their offices. Holidays can be planned again, things to do with friends on the list, etc. We still have to be cautious, take precautions and make sure that people around us do the same. Will we go back to normal? 

It has become clear that we must accept a ‘new normal’, at least for the time being. As business restart, you may be able to work from home. If you do not to return to the office, keep your distance from others and wear a mouth mask. Try avoiding public transport. Try cycling or walking, at least a part of, your journey. 


cylcing backpack touches tree

The lockdown was, for many people, an opportunity to break the cycle and adopt new habits, skills or take up a hobby. People started running, cycling, skating again. Maintain those new, good habits. You will reap the rewards long-term! And hey, after the lockdown, you can involve your friends or family in your news hobbies. 

skateboarder with red backpack

It will be exciting to get our lives back on track after the lockdown. We'll need to embrace new ways of working and living. Probably also new ways of travelling, enjoying other cultures and countries. We can embrace the opportunities, and focus on new goals, new ideas to live life to the fullest.