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Coming soon: Duffel Bag

by David Vercammen |

This spring we introduce a duffel bag, called VOKE. A duffel bag you do not carry, but wear. Where performance and style get to meet each other.

The water-repellent duffel bag for your getaway or daily commuting. This bag is especially made for the minimalist. And, hey, it's super light weight. So it does meet the needs for travelling by airplane. We've tried it ourselves during a 5-day holiday. VOKE Is not a casual bag, it's a statement. 


VOKE meets the needs of the urban dweller. Like our slogan says, it is urban cultivated. Leisure and work go hand in hand, like never before. Therefore, we decided to create this water-repellent bag, for the high-energy traffic between those two lifestyles. Remember, this bag has a premium look and is weathertight... 
Update: This campaign did not receive its goal, therefore the product will not be available.