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Crossing cities by bike

by DEW Official Webshop |

In a previous blog we wrote about the urban commuter. This time we’d like to give some tips. Which equipment do you use, to easily move from one spot to another? Cities have been shaped, from old Rome to new London to get to work quickly.


Gone is the time the commuter used an old bike. People are looking to improve their health, lower their footprint or just want to have fun. The bike commuter community has been, and is still, growing every single day. But still, different commuters for different occasions mean different bikes.

  • Getting to your destination, without sweating one drop, but still being quick, an e-bike is what you’re looking for. Expensive, but they’ll do the trick. Some might go to 45 km/hour, but most top out at 20 km/hour.
  • If mostly, you drive through a small-town, a city bike with around three different speeds and an upright position will be sufficient.
  • When weekly driving busy streets, a bigger speed range is required… a faster ride. You’ll be grateful for disc brakes and finders, if the weather changes.
  • When you do not have the luxury of cycling to work and you need to use several types of transportation, a folding bike is recommended. The comfy bikes have adjustability, are easy to carry and have smaller wheels.


As you can see different factors should influence your decision. City size, types of roads you use, your cargo, time you spend driving and last but not least your budget.  


Some other essentials you may never forget when commuting, are the following:

A backpack (1), made for all weather conditions. We are living in an area that copes with different weather conditions, so we picked a backpack who can deal with them all. If you live in a city that doesn’t receive much rain, that pack can be used for other outdoor activities. Better safe than sorry. The biggest enemy from a cyclist (other than those crazy cars) is sweat, so make sure your straps are padded.

We've created a bike messenger pannier, which does not hurt if you use it on your shoulder. Most importantly you can easily put it on, or, take it off your bike! 

Wear a helmet (2), like your parents told you!

It is important to have water (3) with you, always. Use a water bottle, which you can easily leave or take from a bottle holder pocket.

Do not forget your lock (4)! 

Have fun! 

We have created a bike messenger pannier, for bike enthousiasts!