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Dear coffee, we love you

by David Vercammen |

DEW existed after a thoughtful, iterative design process and many brainstorms. Which took some weeks, and endless cups of coffee. Grab a cup yourself. We’d like to share some hot coffee spots in different cities, which we were lucky to visit.


We’ll start with our home base, where coffee is valued very much. And wow, already a though decision to make. Our 4 coffee spots in Antwerp.

  • Caffènation, a reference in Antwerp. They use fresh roasted, seasonal beans. They’ve changed the landscape, improving the coffee experience.
  • Black & Yellow, I’ll keep it short. Good coffee, good price, good vibe, good music.
  • Butchers Coffee, the real coffee deal. Specialized in the complete production process.
  • Camion. Very vegan friendly, and only the good stuff. Great vibe, great food and wonderful coffee.


Another city we have visited recently, Barcelona. Europe’s touristic capital. Known for its great gastronomy, but yet underestimated for its coffee bars.

  • Nømad Coffee, started by Jordi Mestre, a former national barista champion. Located in the Passatge de Sert.
  • Black Remedy. They work with a local provider, bringing you the best coffee of the city. Located in the Gothic neighborhood of BCN.
  • Satan’s Coffee Corner. Hell good coffee, but definitely try the food. Nice spot to work, or write, or read.
  • SlowMov. The founder made it her statement to promote ecological businesses, located in or close to Barcelona.


A city we have to add to this list, London. Whether you want a hipster bar, a traditional one… The obsession with coffee is huge in the City of London. So here are the 4 we've chosen, but don’t shoot us if we missed a few!

  • Coleman Coffee Roasters. The owner, Coleman, has his own branch near Waterloo station. He serves Arabica coffee. On top they sell beans.
  • Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. The name says it all, they even run their own coffee school!
  • Flat White. We had the best coffee in Londen in Flat White.
  • Old Spike Roastery. The spot where you get your caffeine and work.

Bialetti coffee machine

The next city, is a global centre of culture, innovation, business, tourism and art. So, coffee is tasteful in Munich as well!

  • Mahlefitz. Vegetarian or vegan small dishes, but most importantly great shots of that sweet caffeine.
  • Gang und Gaebe. Like in every other city, the place where we enjoyed our coffee and worked a while. The jazzy music definitely helped our vibe.
  • Cole Porter Bar. Do you know the Jazz artist? Cole Porter? No? It's time you do. Well, get to know him while having a good coffee.


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