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DEW Music: Meet Empire of Mind

by DEW Official Webshop |

As an urban brand DEW is inspired by the city. This time: Empire of Mind, a Brazilian based DJ and producer. He seeks a contrast between shadow and light to achieve beauty at the end of art. A melodic sound with moving melancholic touches. 


How did music that shape you?

Music has always been present in my life, I have always been passionate about the way music can touch people, from a soundtrack in a movie, even on the dance floor. Since I was very young, music has moved and inspired me to do several things in my life. Today there is not a day that music is not motivating or inspiring me to make art.


How did you manage the beginning of the pandemic? What did you do? Did it influence your music?

In the beginning I imagined that the pandemic would last a few months and that it wouldn't be that serious, I soon realized that I was wrong, but I knew that I couldn't stand still and wait for it to pass. It was a period when I took the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of music production, I searched for new inspirations that ended up influencing my music directly, and I studied a lot of other areas in the business which, today, are essential in my career as a producer.


Brazilian DJ with backpack


You are based in Brasilia/Brazil. How is the local music scene?

The music scene in Brasilia is very good. I particularly like it, although I've been to other states and other countries. In view of what I've seen elsewhere, the scene could have more clubs that cover different subgenres of electronic music. But overall, it's a good scene, with plenty of opportunities for new DJ’s and talented producers.


How would you describe the club scene to someone who doesn't know anything about it?

I particularly love the culture the scene offers. Although I can't generalize, most of the time the scene is a space surrounded by remarkable stories, with a good dose of culture, a space that allows people to have fun, meet new people, dance, and have unique experiences which they could’ve never imagined living.


How did you get in touch with this style and how is it received?

Something in the music that has always touched me was the melody, it's usually the part that moves me the most in the music. I've been through other subgenres of electronic music, but I throughly found myself in Melodic House & Techno. Today, even when I'm inserted in a specific sub-genre, I avoid getting stuck to any tendencies or formulas, when I sit in the studio, I just try to let it flow to something that touches me. I hope that people can identify themselves listening at home or on the dance floor.

Backpack Brazilian DJ


Which skills will a DJ need to have to be successful?

I believe success is relative, everyone knows what his goal is and what his success is supposed to be. Some DJ’s have as a goal to play in festivals and clubs, while others have as a goal to release a track in some record labels and even certain achievements in the digital environment, such as streaming platforms. In a certain way the world is always going forward and searching for new things. I believe that trying to update yourself and trying to be ahead according to what you are aiming for would be the secret to success. 


Which DJ’s labels or styles did influence you the most? Why or how?

I admire how a label, even bringing several different artists, can bring a similarity, creating a very well-defined sound identity. The labels that manage to bring a very well-defined identity and that inspire me efficiently are Afterlife, Steyoyoke and Parquet Recordings.


Where do you get inspirations from for your productions?

In everything. Everything around us in our day-to-day life can easily inspire us. In moments when I'm having a hard time with inspiration or a creative block, I usually consume a lot of things from my references and end up getting inspired to better express myself in my productions.

Brazil Backpack DEW


What makes the people in your hometown unique?

My hometown is Rio de Janeiro. The people are unique because of their mood, charisma, and the way they deal with humor and problems.


 Where do you want to get to? What is the non-plus-ultra for a DJ?

I don't have a destination; I’m always reinventing myself and making new goals ahead. I have a goal to reach as many people as I can, to improve the quality of my music to be able to perform internationally, to sign with labels that I admire, and for sure to help other people by sharing knowledge.


What is it that you recommend up and coming producers?

Always look for new things and keep improving, never get complacent and stagnate in what you’re doing. Don't be in a hurry, but also don't sit around waiting for things to happen without doing anything. And mainly have a focus, some braided goals help you have a direction to follow.


How do you prepare your sets?

Although I try to maintain an identity in my productions, during my performances I don't get stuck in one single sub-genre. I believe that a good performance needs to have contrasts, a moment when people can dance, and another moment when they can feel the music and feel emotion. I usually take a large repertoire and go play according to the energy that the floor needs at that moment.


Thank you very much! 

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