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DEW Music: Meet Innellea

by David Vercammen |

As an urban brand DEW is inspired by the city and its sounds. We decided to try to interview an artist every single month. The third one is Innellea. After huge releases on both the Afterlife label and Innervisions label, he's known for the diversity in his sound. 


You are based in Munich. How is the local music scene?  

The music scene in Munich is quite good.  There are several clubs that cover different subgenres of electronic dance music. What I miss are creative quarters and studio complexes where an exchange between different artists can take place. As in every big city, the space for creativity is unfortunately decreasing. 


How would you describe the club scene to someone who doesn't know anything about it? 

In my opinion, there are different types of clubbing under the umbrella of "having a good time". You can go to clubs to listen to your favourite artist, to expand your musical spectrum or just to let go and let yourself float.In general it can be said that everything is managed by a unity and mostly things happen that you can't plan. All this happens in a community and everyone is accepted as she or he is.


You are pushing a bit different sound. How did you get in touch with this style and how is it received? 

Basically, I have always tried to ignore trends and hypes and not let them influence me too much. Going into the studio with an open mind and expressing myself has led to the sound as it is now. I also think it is very important not to do the same thing over and over again but to constantly develop yourself further as that is human nature.



More and more music is being digitalized, not just the production, but also the performance on stage. Which skills will a DJ need to have in order to be successful? 

Time brings constant change. This is mainly due to the change caused by social media. It is the way it is and you should be aware that this point is usually essential for a successful career. So find your style and think about who you want to be and how you want to be perceived.


Which dj’s labels or styles did influence you the most? Why or how?  

Besides my biggest inspiration, classical rock music, my first contact with electronic music was Boys Noize. Ed Banger records with Justice, Gesaffelstein and Brodinski formed my past. At some point I came across melodic techno. Labels like Innervisions, Diynamic or Mobilee were pioneers for me.


You have released The World Returns EP, for Afterlife. When and what can we expect off your upcoming tracks?  

Soon there will be releases in which I want to expand my musical spectrum and show people my musical diversity. (Meanwhile Dust Planet has been released on the Afterlife album Unity. All the profit will go to the Coronavirus medical relief fund). 


Where do you get inspirations from for your productions? 

Daily inspiration. Easy things like having coffee with friends or a simple walk through the park. Basically everything inspires me whether it’s good or not.


Who do you want to reach with your music? 




What makes the people in your hometown unique? 

The Bavarian mentality - Cosiness, lots of beers while meeting up for a chat.


How do you explain your dj life to your parents? 

I love to tell my parents everything and share as much as possible with them. But I prefer to leave out little details. Whenever possible they also come to an event where I play.


Where do you want to get to? What is the non-plus-ultra for a DJ? 

For me there is no concrete final goal that I would like to achieve. I am much more concerned with my personal development, my self-realization and the expression of my creativity. Without all this I would not be the person I am.


Festival should've started by now. At which festivals could we see you as a visitor? And which ones as a DJ? 

My favourite festival is the Fusion Festival in Lärz. When I play there I always try to stay as a guest as long as possible. You dive into a parallel world here, which you won't find at any other festival. 


What do you think of the development towards Digital Music and how do you make use of this yourself? 

We live in a world that is dominated by fast-paced life. I believe it is important to be aware of this and for this exact reason to do things that contradict this thought. As an example I can mention my Voyage Mix for Afterlife, for which I exclusively produced an hour of my own songs, that can only be heard there.


Thank you Innellea! 

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