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Successfully funded

by David Vercammen |

The newest addition to the collection, AVO, was launched with a Kickstarter campaign. For our second campaign, we wanted to so something extra. So we ended teaming up with ONETREEPLANTED

With every backpack we sold through our crowdfunding campaign, we decide to plant a tree. Why trees? If we are not commuting in the city with our urban backpacks, we like to take them out into nature. And well, trees are pretty essential, aren't they? Also, who doesn't like trees?

They help clean the air we breath everyday, they suck up the bad pollutants and release clean oxygen. Especially in urban environments, trees are highly underestimated. Ozone, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide are way too present. F**k 'em.

And what about the waterproof aspect in DEW's backpacks? Trees capture rainwater and actually reduce the risk of natural disasters. Did you know a mature tree can intercept over 15,000 litres of water, per year? 

The social impact of a forest, full of trees, is also underestimated. Jobs provided by forestry industry are countless. Also, what do we eat? Trees provide berries, nuts, fruit etc. for both animals and humans. So they actually guarantee our health! 

Talking about health. Did you know a patient overlooking trees recovers faster? Also, the shade trees provide. Especially during those hot summers we are currently enduring. 

We are really proud to tell you we will, with the help from our backers, plant over 300 trees! Woop-woop!

Thank you all! May the forest be with you.