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Hello World

by Jonathan De Clercq |

January the 1st, 2018. A new street gear supply brand, based in Antwerp, was born. Meet DEW. However, if you want to know more about DEW, you should first meet Steve, Jonathan and David. DEW is the result of their ambition, courage, enthusiasm and hard work.


Meet Steve.

Steve is a true entrepreneur with experience running businesses all his life. He is always looking for new challenges and adventures. It all started with his ambitious idea to make a waterproof backpack, which is also aesthetically pleasing. He was determined to make the idea become reality and looked for someone to help him realize it.


Meet Jonathan.

Jonathan is a creative mastermind with more than 3 years experience in designing new physical and digital products for a wide range of brands. When he met Steve, he immediately shared the same enthusiasm and ambition about his idea and completely went for it. He proposed to not only make a new backpack, but to build a completely new brand. DEW came to life.


Meet David.

David is a driven salesperson with more than 5 years experience in sales working for different brands. When he got to know DEW, he immediately noticed the potential and fell in love with the brand. With his experience he wants to help to make DEW a commercial success.


Now you know how DEW came to life. Wander around our website to get to know DEW even better.