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DEW Music: Meet Santiago Garcia

by David Vercammen |

This months interview: Santiago Garcia. When describing the Buenos Aires born, Valencia based DJ we would say: unique balance, hits the sweet spot. His emotionally accentuated music is mostly known in the South American electronic music scene. Recent releases on notable labels as Exit Strategy, Innervisions or TAU.


Hola Santiago. How did music shape you? 

Since I am child my parents used to listen to national and international rock at home, my sister to older reggaeton. But I created my own way to end up in what I like most. I'm quite open with music, I like everything, although electronics is my job, it's not what I listen to most of the time.


You are based in Valencia. How is the local music scene? 

I'm based in Valencia, but I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The scene is good here and we have a couple of good events such as Fayer by Edu Imbernon and the famous festival Brunch In The Park. You can also find very underground events of Micro House and techno but not that big as those others.



How would you describe the club scene to someone who doesn't know anything about it? 

The club scene of the electronic music is very different to other scenes. People are dancing and enjoying the music, as the main thing. Nobody disturbs you, everybody is on his own planet dancing and having a good moment with their friends. It's a peaceful place.


You are pushing a bit different sound. How did you get in touch with this style and how is it received? 

I was always in touch with percussions and melody, but since I met the innervisions sound 8 years ago I was dedicated to make something quite similar to the vibe they push and mix it with my own touch. I'm having a good response from the people and the major labels for my music so I think the repercussion is good.


More and more music is being digitalized, not just the production, but also the performance on stage. Which skills will a DJ need to have in order to be successful? 

I am very hybrid with the setup, I can play with CDJS or Technics for vinyl or the controller for digital. I think it doesn’t matter what setup you use. Being successful comes from the music you release or the music you push and the way you promote it.


Where do you get the inspiration for your productions? 

My inspiration comes from several years of listening to different kinds of music, but also from travelling and playing live new experiences. That's what inspires me to create. My motivation is the support I get when I finish a track.


Who do you want to reach with your music? 

I don’t want to reach anyone specifically, just go with the flow and be myself always.


How do you explain your dj life to your parents? 

I tell them the truth, dj life is not easy... Long travels, not enough sleep are the main things. But also being involved with drugs, which is bad, so you need to control several things. Frustration and anxiety are two of the facts that we need to deal with as well.


At which festivals could we see you as a visitor? And which ones as a DJ? 

I would like to go to Sonar Barcelona as a visitor and enjoy the bands, another great place to go would be Burning Man. The festivals I perform are Brunch in the park Barcelona, Amsterdam Dance Event and Tulum


What do you think of the development towards Digital Music and how do you make use of this yourself? 

I use a lot of digital music since not everything is released on vinyl and it's practical to go play and use a pendrive... also for the unreleased demos or promos. I would like to start playing vinyl again as my music is being released on vinyl.


What’s busy in your life aside from music? 

My life is music, I try to do fitness sometimes and enjoy the places where I've to play by having a small vacation there.


You play a wide range of settings – smaller clubs and huge festivals – how do you switch up your sounds for each? How have you prepared for playing festivals instead of clubs? Is it more challenging to play festivals?

I play the same music on a festival or in a club. What changes my music is the set time. If I play early, I'll play a slower set. If I'm the main act I'll  play a bit harder. But if I'll play on a super festival, which needs strong music, I will play harder.


What is it that you recommend to coming producers?

I recommend being consistent, to work hard and to never give up. That's what it's all about.


How do you prepare your sets?

Sometimes I improvise as I am playing every week, sometimes I already know what will work. The fact is, that when I have an important event, I need to show the best of myself. So I make a pre-selection before I go to the show.


So far, what is your ultimate track? What is your top track of the year?

For 2020 so far: Ivory – Dreamers (Innervisions)


Regardless of where you’re from or based, the ambience of the city no doubt affects your artistry to a certain measure. How has your city fed your creativity as artist?

I don’t play in my city actually, where I only had 1 gig in 2 years. But I don´t like to play more than once or twice a year in the same city.


Thank you Santiago!

Interested in hearing his music?