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MOKE has arrived!

by David Vercammen |

Our first messenger pannier is in stock. We decided the current available panniers needed some touch of DEW. So we decided to design one ourselves and gave it a try on Kickstarter

dew messenger pannier on bike rack

dew messenger off bike rack

DEW moke pannier on bike


Being water-resistant and outdoor look was important, but it still needed that iconic urban look. Are you struggling to keep your stuff dry whilst on your bike? MOKE laughs wetness away! 

With this messenger pannier, leisure and work-life blend together. For our previous products those are a keystone in our design process, the water-resistant pack has been made for the high-energy traffic between those lifestyles. The bag has reflective trims, is weathertight and has a premium look. 

Trust us, you'll be safe, and dry.