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Mountain Breeze

by David Vercammen |

DEW inspires us to live our own dreams, we go with the flow of the seasons, and respect our environment. Well hey there, winter arrived. 

In summer we hunt the waves, in winter we ride mountains. So with our weatherproof, waterproof backpacks it’s about time to talk about snowboarding. This winter the DEW team will be gathering in Austria for a week of snowboarding and product testing. And also, for having fun with a group of friends. No rules, no expectations. We will go to the mountains and snowboard together for as long as we feel like. Until the after ski bars are getting interesting. 

Season has arrived, so we are looking forward to an amazing week with the full spectrum of conditions and terrain! Sun, pow, pipe, park and hike-outs. After a nice day having a drink on top of the mountain.

Hopefully this post encourages you to, no matter the conditions, to have a blast with your board.

Skiing or snowboarding, we love the mountains, and the atmosphere created during that sportive winter season holiday.

 Girl sitting with her snowboard in the snow next to her DEW backpack