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Our First Ambassador

by David Vercammen |

One of our first customers, Massimo Lupo Turris, had an accident with his bycicle. He was wearing the Avail.25 Brick Maroon. He wrote us about it and we were allowed to share his story. We want to personally thank him for his kind message. 


"Hey guys,

Meanwhile I got used to bike to work with my Avail: I can bring dry clothes in and there’s space to buy something to bring home. Last night I bought two bottles of beer and something to eat with my girlfriend.

I got a new bike since a few days but something wrong occurred: the stem was not properly tightened so wheel and handlebar decided to turn to opposite directions and I felt badly while I was on a downhill road.

The asphalt hit very hard on my chest and my back but I had my DEW on that absorbed a lot.

One of the bottles exploded and luckily you made a very strong backpack: it protected my back, it just a 1” cut on the inside, if I wore another backpack probably now I would be in hospital with cut and scratches on my back and broken ribs.

I am at home instead, my chest hurts for some slightly cracked rib but my skin is intact and nothing got broken: thank you guys!



Massimo Lupo Turris"


Accident backpack


We wish Lupo all the best and a pronto recovery!