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Starting with a kick

by Jonathan De Clercq |

DEW’s first collection of high-quality, weatherproof backpacks started on Kickstarter! Everything you need to know about the campaign.


  1. You can choose from a collection of two types of backpacks – Verge and Avail – both in two sizes and three colors available! Three colors!? Yes. Three colors
  2. You get a special Kickstarter price! If you show your love in the first week you can get a pack at Early Ambassador price. Which is a 20% discount on retail price!
  3. You pledge, you get. You are guaranteed in receiving your backpack, since the first production batch was already funded with an early investment round.
  4. You help us. We took insights in popular colours and models together with user feedback into account to co-create the next round of backpacks, new collections and new products.


    Check out our Kickstarter campaign here.


    We promise we’ll keep your stuff safe and dry, while you are looking good when you’re... (check if applicable)

    ... backpacking around the world. In style.

    ... enjoying your next festival. In style.

    ... going to school. In style.

    ... going to work prepared. In style.

    ... commuting and saving the planet. In style.

    ... wandering through the city jungle. In style.

    ... sporting your *** off. In style.

    ... <insert activity here>. In style.