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The process

by Jonathan De Clercq |

DEW’s first collection of high-quality, weatherproof backpacks with urban aesthetics is the result of a thoughtful, iterative design process.


Phase 1.

Checking out the competition.

It all started with checking out what is already out there. Every (web)shop we entered physically or digitally, we were looking for backpacks analysing them from head to toe. This allowed us to define our position in the market and technically analyse backpacks in order to design one ourselves, which is unique, good looking, functional and qualitative.

Phase 2.

Visualising our ideas.

Inspired by the city – its colors, architecture, people, sounds,… - the first of many sketches were made. Once we narrowed it down to a few design concepts we liked, we made 3D CAD models of our backpack to look at it from any angle and optimise it until we were happy.


Phase 3.

Prototyping and testing.

At a certain point, sketches and computer models just don’t do the job anymore and you know it’s time to prototype. After all, we are developing a backpack, so you want to see, feel and carry it. We have built many prototypes to test and evaluate them on their looks, ergonomics, usability, quality and functionality. Now testing a backpack is not the worst thing in the world, since part of testing was backpacking through Asia and swimming with our backpack. Not so bad, right?


Phase 4.

Manufacuring our first collection of backpacks.

The last step of our design process is setting up the manufacturing process: selecting the final materials and colours, setting up a quality check process, defining the packaging,…


All these steps lead to the first collection of backpacks by DEW. Check them out on our website!