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There is no such thing as bad weather

by David Vercammen |

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” The weather conditions are more challenging in Norway than in most countries. Therefore, their mindset is set differently.  Buy decent clothing and don’t be a crybaby when it’s cold, windy or rainy.


Probably, your first reaction to that quote would be: “F*ck off!”. But truly, that’s why the Vikings thought how to dress properly. If they didn't cope with the weather circumstances, they would not have conquered at all. Gear should help you to explore the world in every situation. It should not stop you.

Actually, with that mindset we created our backpacks (Avail and Verge). Eventually, that’s how we wanted to promote our brand and products in a bold way. Here’s the video that represents our brand.



Made to survive the urban jungle. 

Coffee spilled on backpack


Dog bites backpack


And as you can see, it survived it all.


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