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Tutorial: make your own mouth mask!

by DEW Official Webshop |

It's no news. We're all fighting the coronavirus that is sweeping parts of the planet. The news of shortage on mouth masks has reached our attention, so we handled and decided to import a bunch ourselves. Which we offer the Belgian hospitals, non-profitable.

But if you can't get your hands on one, don't worry... We've got your back: follow these simple steps! You only need a T-shirt and a pair of scissors!

You could just tie a bandanna around your face, but it only ties in one place and can slip off. It also leaves a gap under your mouth, which is no good. Cutting a T-shirt in the way we're going to show allows you to tie it in two places. This ensures maximum safety and a very comfortable fit. Follow along!

DISCLAIMER: this is by all means NOT a substitute to a professional mouth mask. It will not protect you 100% from being infected. However, it does help a bit. It's better than nothing. This is mainly an extra layer of protection to slow down further spreading of the virus if you were to be already victim of it. Since you do not need to show any symptoms, it's better to take precautions and cover your mouth and nose whenever you go outside for any essential activities. The best protection is to stay home as much as possible.

Step 1: Grab a T-shirt. 
The more colorful, the more cheerful the mask will look. Or you can go ninja-style and go black.

Step 2: Cut the bottom part
Lay the shirt out flat. Cut about a handspan's width out of the bottom. When you lay your hand down, you don't need to spread your fingers out - just place it casually. Your handspan will cover your face holes.

Step 3: Continue with the bottom part. 

Step 4: Cut out one side
Measure out three handspans. The first represents the part that covers your face and the other two represent the length of the ties. If your piece is more than three handspans long, you can cut that last bit off or leave it for longer ties.

Step 5: Continue with the longer part

Step 6: Cut out the ties
Cut out the center, leaving a big fat thumb's width on the upper and lower edges for the ties.

Step 7: Continue with the big part. Save the scraps for later.
Continue with the part that already looks like a mask. We cut these two sections one handspan at a time because we can use these scraps later for extra protection (see step 10).

Step 8: Fold your mask open
Voilà! We have a mouth mask!

(Optional) Step 9: Make it your own
Grab some pens, or even stitch some fabrics or labels on top of it. It's all yours to decide! Be creative! Make it look all cool and unique.

Step 10: Add extra protection
Don't throw those scraps away - you can use them as extra layers if the fabric is polyester! Do not use cotton, as this will not give any protection at all. Stuff them in the gaps beside your nose, or sew them in. Did you throw away the scraps? No worries. You can use some toiletpaper or sanitary towels (yes, really) to add extra protection. Better safe than sorry!

Step 11 - 15: Tie it on
Follow the steps below to tie your mask tightly to your face. Grab two of the ties, pull the mask across the bridge of your nose and tie them around the back of your neck. Grab the other two ties (pulling the lower part of the mask under your chin) and tie them up on top of your head. Make sure the ties on the top of your head are not placed too low. This tie ensures your mask doesn't fall off. 


That's it! You have your own made mouth mask! Let's battle this filthy virus! Please stay safe and stay home as much as you can! #quarantineandchill