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What about Verge Neoprime?

by David Vercammen |

Have you seen the new Verge Neoprime? But wondering what the difference is between the Pavement Black?

 Banner DEW verge neoprime


You may not really see the difference on the pictures, so here’s a little more. Neoprene, or polychloroprene, is some kind of synthetic rubber. Most dry suits or laptop sleeves are neoprene or definitely should be. It exhibits chemical flexibility over different temperatures. Did you know they use neoprene to line landfills? Its burn point is around 260 degrees Celcius. As you can see, protective neoprene. Waterproof and weatherproof is important for us.

So Verge Neoprime resists colder or warmer temperatures better than Verge Pavement Black, Concrete Gray or Skipper Red. Protection is another important point.

Since the 31st of October is close, here's another fun fact: neoprene is also used for Halloween masks.

 Backpack in grafitti scene