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Who is the urban commuter?

by David Vercammen |

DEW's backpacks are made for the city scene and your daily routine. They make it easier to commute, to go your way and look great while doing so. The best way to soak up the city vibe. 

Traditionally we used to carry briefcases to work. Now, we prefer a backpack. they're more practical and convenient. your shoulders won't be hurt after a day off getting from one appointment to another. Take advantage of modern lightweight materials while commuting long, or short, distances. 

traffic jam during night

If you live in a city, you are aware of traffic jams during rush hour. Wasting minutes, even hours, sitting in your car. Losing the plans you had for that night. The urban commuter looks for another solution, using public transport or bike. When it comes to getting across town, bikes are built for daily use. 

what enters DEW's backpack VERGE

Depending of what you need to bring to your job, workout, or anything you’re heading to… DEW has made different backpacks, build for every occasion. If you use public transport, we suggest VERGE. Available in 15 or 20 liters, your 13” laptop will fit the smaller one. If you have a 15” laptop, VERGE.20 should be your pick. The backpack is small, easy to carry, features a secret pocket assuring your valuable items will not be stolen.

Apart from your laptop, other essentials can be put away. Two compartments and the inner lining help you to arrange your backpack and find your stuff quickly. On top of those VERGE has that boardroom-friendly design!

cyclist on a bridge 

If you prefer using your bicycle, we suggest using AVAIL or AVO. Construction and back panel are made for those movements. Durable and functional in the same time. Consider the storage capacity, since using your bike means you possibly have to take a shower when you arrive at your destination. On top of your work gear, clean clothes and a towel will be added in your backpack. AVAIL, available in 25 and 35 liters is perfect if you have a heavy workday ahead. Extra books, a laptop, extra map, will fit perfectly. Like the VERGE, AVAIL’s inner lining will help you find your essentials quickly. Two hidden, easy access, pockets keep your wallet, keys, phone safe. Those two compartments help as well.

 what enters dew's backpack avail

AVO looks like AVAIL, but smaller. We made some changes to our newest addition. AVO has more reflective trims, making you extra visible while cycling in the city during the evening. AVO has no extra compartment, but we give you the option to add one yourself with the carry sleeve. Still your laptop, even without the extra sleeve, can be held with the minimalist elastic band. AVO has different closure options and is available in 18 liters.


To all those using their bike while commuting; be careful, wear a helmet!