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Who is the Verge for?

by David Vercammen |

The daily commuter. But who is the daily commuter? That person who takes public transport, or bike, to work. Since water does not get a hold on this backpack, you can use it in every single weather condition. It is made of the sheets they use to cover truck cargo (!). So actually 600 denier durable water-repellent polyester and 500 denier durable coated tarpaulin.


So your stuff will be safe. Next to its pure shape and characteristic design, this backpack is easy to handle. Handy and eye-catching. If you’re used to cycle to work, you can hang a light on the patch of the backpack. No light? The light reflecting brand label makes sure you’ll be noticed. 

Backpack with a bicycle light on

Talking about light, sometimes having difficulties finding a certain book, wallet or keys? DEW’s Verge backpack has a colored and branded interior. You won’t lose a second looking for your wallet. Or do you prefer to keep your belongings safe, out of reach of strange hands? Store you keys, phone or wallet in the secret pocket.

Backpack with secret pocket

Our survey showed us that up to 80% of the people wearing a backpack, take their laptop with them. Therefore, a reinforced bottom to protect your laptop (13 inch or 15 inch). Shocks will be absorbed with the double foam layering and reinforced corners.

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